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What Is Burnout?

Burnout is defined as a syndrome where you are either mentally, emotionally, and/or even physically exhausted caused by a prolonged stressor. Burnout comes in about 5 stages: Honeymoon Phase, Balancing Act, Chronic Symptoms, Crisis, Enmeshment.

Cause of Burnout

Typically, burnout occurs when you are in a constant state of stress because all you do for maybe 8+ hours a day is work. You don’t take time for productive breaks. What are productive breaks? We’ll get to that later. People often shame others when they are not constantly being “productive” and we easily fall into this mindset of working nonstop. We see it in our average workplace. We get about 30 minutes to an hour lunch break and we go straight back into working non-stop. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why are we constantly trying to put out work when we aren’t our best selves? We need to step out of this mindset that productivity automatically means doing work. This just isn’t the case and can lead to burnout quickly.

How To Prevent It?

What are productive breaks? Well, productive breaks are set times between work where you can unplug. It is necessary to take breaks while you work as it promotes creativity and more efficient productivity. I highly recommend the Pomodoro method in which you work for 25-minutes, and take 5-minute breaks in between. This method has really helped me do work or finish projects longer because of the short breaks I get. You would think that continuously doing work would be better especially if a deadline is approaching but, it just adds to the stress. Breaks are extremely important to keep the quality of your work as good as when you started the task!

Final Thoughts

Burnout is something that I’ve experienced all too well. From my all-nighters in college to coding all day at my bootcamp, I would spend my entire day either studying or doing an assignment. After completing one of these assignments or taking the exam, I would remember how exhausted I was both physically and mentally because I used up all my energy. I could not even think about doing another assignment the next day or that week because I was so burnt out. I would literally lay in bed all day and just try to get some of my sanity back but this whole process could take me a week to even two weeks. Which I do not have time for. During my coding bootcamp I would be building out my projects and looking at code for almost 12 hours straight. It got to the point where I wouldn’t even know what my code is saying anymore.



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